Squirrel Proof Birdfeeders

If you do not know what is a squirrel proof birdfeeder, it actually means a feeder that does not allow squirrels to easily access it and feed on the food provided for birds. Many find that when they have a bird feeder other animals such as squirrels tend to join and feed on the food provided for only birds. This can mean that the poor birds’ share of the feed is eaten up by the squirrels. To avoid this problem you can create a squirrel proof birdfeeder.

One tip to create an effective squirrel proof birdfeeder is to have narrow openings. When you have a narrow and small opening in the feeder squirrels will not be able to fit into it. This will discourage them from feeding. You can also include a narrow perch so that footing will be hard for the squirrels. Some try to get caged birdfeeders that have a protective metal frame around it. Usually in such birdfeeders the openings are made very small to accommodate only small birds. Such a birdfeeder will avoid squirrels from barging in and taking the birds food.

Another way to discourage squirrels will be to grease the standing pole where you hang the bird feeder on. When the pole is slippery with grease squirrels will be unable to climb and feed.

What are the squirrels up to?

Another way to prevent squirrels from reaching to the bird feeders will be to place the feeders away from trees. Squirrels are known to leap from trees to the bird feeders. Thus placing the bird feeder away from trees will avoid squirrels from visiting the feeders.

Another technique to make squirrels stay away from the birdfeeders is to allocate a special feeding area for the squirrels. The squirrels can then feed in this special ‘squirrels only’ area rather than going to the birdfeeders.

Once you have taken the appropriate steps to prohibit squirrels you can be sure that your birdfeeders will be squirrel proof ones.