Rock Garden

Some say that rock gardens are often unique and attractive. In fact if you have a lot of rocks available in your garden why not think of creating a beautiful rock garden using them?

When you are doing a rock garden it is best to choose one specific type of rock and use that for the garden. What are the type of rocks you can use? The best choices are dense sandstone, sturdy limestone or any lightweight stone. Limestone is said to be a good choice as it is soft and allows moisture to be absorbed. You may be thinking what shape of rocks will do well for the garden? The best rocks to use will be the ones that are irregular in shape since this will provide a unique appearance for the rock garden.

Apart from choosing rocks the other factor you need to focus when you are creating a rock garden is to know how to place the rocks. In fact, experts say that it is best to place the rocks in a natural kind of setting. You can even have some of the rocks buried halfway in the ground so as to create a natural setting for the garden.

Once you have confirmed on the rocks the nest thing to focus will be the plant. Check out which type of plants will be suitable for rock gardens and go ahead and grow them. Usually t he plants that are suited to be grown in rock gardens will be the ones that prefer well-drained soil and less water. You can even add flowers for the dash of color in your rock garden.

If you want your rock garden to look good you have to maintain it well. When you notice weeds cut them out and when you notice the plants getting larger you can choose to separate them so as to enable more growing space.

When a rock garden is well designed it will beautify an area and make it more attractive.