Raised Bed Gardening

Raised-bed gardening is a popular method for growing plants. One can grow fruits, flowers, vegetables and shrubs using raised bed gardening technique. If you are wondering why many prefer way of gardening, here are some benefits of raised bed gardening.

There are many advantages for using raised bed gardening. First of all there is better drainage associated with this gardening method. Growing plants in raised beds is good when there is heavy, poorly drained soil. Raised beds will enable the roots to develop in soil held above compacted zones. This provides a more favorable soil environment for root growth. Due to raised bed gardening one can experience higher yields. When there is better root growth from improved soils this will enable higher yields for food crops and growth of plants.

Improved drainage due to raised bed gardening can speed up soil warming and enable earlier spring planting. Maintaining raised bed gardened plants are easy too. One need not always have to stoop low to pluck out weeds or water the plants. Raised bed gardening has another advantage and that is making gardening possible on sites where growing plants would otherwise be difficult.

Soil in raised beds warms faster and dries out faster than soil at ground level. In spring and fall, these qualities are fine. But when summer comes with its heat, soil temperatures are higher and drying happens very quickly in raised beds during this season. So how can you solve this problem?

One way is to use organic mulches. This is because soil temperatures are lower under organic mulches as less water is lost through evaporation. Organic fertilizers or manures are good sources of fertilizers for the plants that are grown through raised bed gardening. With so many benefits in raised bed gardening it is no surprise why a lot of people are adopting this method.