Gardening Supplies

Before you get down to your gardening you need to know that you will need some essential gardening supplies. We need gardening supplies and tools to make our gardening activities easier and faster. So what are the basic gardening supply tools we need?

One of the basic tools needed for gardening is the trowel. You will need this gardening tool to help you to cut into soil easily and also to break through hard dry soil. This gardening tool can be handy for transplanting seedlings and bulbs too.

Another commonly found tool in a garden is the hoe. So what’s the function of this tool? It is helpful for preparing the seed bed and removing weeds. We all know how important it is to get rid of weeds so there is no doubt that this is an important tool for gardening.

You will also need to get a rake for your gardening activities. Basically a rake can help to clear the garden of rocks and debris. It is also useful in smoothing seedbeds. But avoid getting a rake which is too heavy. Such a rake will tire you out during your gardening.

A sharp-pointed spade with a long handle will be useful for your gardening. This tool can assist in digging holes for plants, transplanting and other gardening duties.

A garden shredder can be another useful tool to add to your collection. This tool can assist you when you need to get rid of all plant wastes in your garden. You can get the hand-operated shredders which are cheap and easy to use.

Pruning shears are good for cutting branches. But avoid using this tool for larger branches as this may ruin the shears. Another type of shears is the one called lopping shears. Thisshears have long handles and are to be used with both hands. This tool can cut large branches which could be even two inches thick in diameter.

Another useful gardening tool you need is the kneepads. When you are knelling and doing planting in the garden kneepads will protect your knees. Having a kneepad can avoid dirtying your pants when you kneel.

Having the right gardening tools can make your activities easier and faster. Best of all they help to make gardening a fuss-free hobby.