Gardening Shoes

Some people tend to think that they can walk barefooted in their gardens and engage in gardening work. This is not advisable. Walking around without any shoes in a garden can put that person at risk of getting hurt by any sharp objects or rocks lying in the ground. Such injuries can lead to wounds and then later to skin infections. Thus it is very important to wear shoes while one is working in a garden as you may never know when you may get hurt.

But can we wear any kind of shoes and work in our garden? The answer is ‘no’. Just like how we place importance on choosing the right type of shoes to exercise and run, it is equally essential to pick the right type of gardening shoes. If you are novice to choosing gardening shoes here are some helpful tips.

Basically the gardening shoes should be able to protect your feet while you are walking, digging and kneeling in your garden. So what type of shoes are best suited for gardening? Experts say that clogs are a good choice of footwear for gardening activities. Wearing clogs for gardening is good as they make kneeling projects easy and comfortable.

Always remember that the shoes you wear for gardening should be comfortable, easy to take off and most importantly the shoes should protect the wearer from moisture, dirt and mud. Wearing tight-fitting shoes can hurt the person’s feet as sometimes gardening takes some time.

It is known that shoes that allow your skin to expose can cause problems such as dry, flaking, or cracked heels. So if you wear ‘open’ shoes you have to ensure that you put moisturizer on your feet to ensure that it does not suffer from dryness. Sandals or slippers are not good choices of footwear for gardening.

As long as you are wearing the suitable shoes for gardening you should not experience any discomfort. offers a large selection of dance gear and dance shoes to match any style.