Butterfly Garden

Do you love butterflies? If you do, why not try creating a garden for these lovely creatures? The main objective why many start a butterfly garden is to help in conservation of the butterflies and to relish joy in seeing them in action.

First of all, you need to ask yourself what size would you like your butterfly garden to be. In fact a butterfly garden can be of any size. Once you have determined the size the next factor to consider is how to attract the butterflies into your garden. One easy way is by cultivating the right kind of environment for these butterflies. In other words your garden has to become the perfect home for these creatures.

One way you can attract the butterflies is through food plants. The food should be those used by both caterpillars and adult butterflies. Giving the needed food plants for the developing caterpillars will enable for the production of a butterfly population in your garden. Another way to attract butterflies will be to provide nectar plants. Adult butterflies like to absorb nectar from fragrant and colorful flowers. A group of sweet-smelling colorful flowers can easily attract the butterflies. You can create a large patch of flowers to attract and keep the butterflies in your garden.

It is good to avoid insecticide if you want to attract butterflies into your garden. Insecticides are known to kill the caterpillars. Adult butterflies can also die when they rest on areas which had been sprayed with insecticide

Once you have a lot of butterflies in your garden you can even sit down and watch them in action. Watching butterflies is likened to a relaxing activity and if you want you can even invite guests over to view your beautiful butterflies. You can let them sit on a garden bench and admire the view of the graceful butterflies dancing around the flowers.