Bird Baths

What are bird baths? Actually a bird bath refers to a shallow basin filled with water for bathing and drinking. This basin is held on a pedestral. Usually the pedestral will be around one meter in height. The objective of a bird bath is to attract birds to drink and bath in the water provided in the shallow basin. Of course if you have a garden and if you would like to see birds visiting the garden one way is to create a bird bath and watch the birds drop by for a visit.

So what type of material is used for the bird baths? A bird bath can be made of molded concrete, metal, plastic or even glass. Basically the material used to create a bird bath should be able to endure any weather and be able to hold water well.

It is best to ensure that the depth of the bird bath be kept within two and a half inches or less. If the bird bath is too deep it may pose a problem if the bird gets up too wet and falls deep into the bath and not being able to get out of it.

During hot weathers a good tip will be to shift the bird bath into a shady area. This will keep the water in the bird bath cool. Besides the birds will prefer drinking and bathing under the shade rather than under the hot sun.

You will need to maintain the bird bath well. One way is to wash the bird bath and refill the water with fresh new flow. Ensuring that the water in the bird bath is clean is important as the birds drink the water. Unclean water can cause harm to the birds drinking it.

With a bird bathin your garden birds will become frequent visitors to your garden and provide an interesting sight for you to watch.