April Flowers

Ever heard of the term April Flowers? Well, this name refers to those beautiful flowers that bloom in April. April is the month when most flowers bloom. Let’s find out which flowers are known as April Flowers.

One of the popular flowers that bloom in April is the Trilliums. Trilliums are distinctively recognized for having three leaves, three sepals and three flower petals. This flower is known to start blooming in April and continue till May. The fruit of this flower is a berry. To grow this flower you will need rich, moist soil. It is a known fact that trilliums will grow very well when you add organic matter in its soil. However growing this flower plant from seeds will take a long time.

Another April blooming flower is Buccaneer. This is an orange colored single flower. This is a large sized flower plant that usually reaches about five feet. The characteristic of this flower is that it is in purple-red color combination.

The Carrion flower is a wild lily flower that blooms in April. One unique thing about this April flower is that the leaves of this plant are heart shaped with pointed tips. This flower blooms from the months of April to June.

A well-known April flower is the one called the Indian Paintbrush. This is Wyoming state’s national flower. This flower is shaped in a clover form and can grow up to three feet in height. It has a spiky flower that looks like a brush which has been dipped in paint. Thus it is no wonder why it is called the Indian Paintbrush. The flowers are often in bright red color, although some varieties of this flower come in orange, cream and yellow. Unlike other plants, this Indian Paintbrush uses roots of other plants to grow. In a way they are known as are parasitic. This flower plant grows in both moist and dry areas. The Indian Paintbrush can grow up to two feet in height.

Growing flowers and seeing them bloom is something a gardener enjoys very much and with all these beautiful April flowers a garden can become a lovely haven.