The Garden Site is a great place to get all the information you need for flower gardening, rock gardens, organic gardening and finally to garden furniture and accessories.

April flowers are early spring flowers that are hardy and able to withstand a cold snap. Several types of flowers are considered April flowers. Besides the well-known tulips and daffodils another popular flower is the Trilliums. They have three leaves, three sepals and three flower petals. Another is the Buccaneer, an orange colored single flower that can reach a height of about five feet. The Carrion flower is a wild lily that blooms in April and is known for its heart shaped leaves with pointed tips.

Garden Site also gives tips for first time gardeners who have questions about handling a garden and what type of soil is needed. There are tips on gardening tools, how to maintain them and which ones you need for your task. The gardening tips section also talks about fertilizers and marking the spots with identifying names of the plants that were planted.

Garden Site also recommends other tools besides the basic tool such as the trowel. A hoe helps prepare the seed bed and removing weeds. A rake is useful for smoothing beds of seeds. Pruning shears are also good for cutting branches and dead flower heads from flowering plants.

Knee pads are not necessary but useful while you are kneeling and planting. They will protect your knees and protect your clothing.

Garden décor is easily found once you’ve selected a theme for your garden. Remember that your garden décor should enhance the appearance of your garden and compliment your home. Stepping stones are popular as well as terra cotta pottery. With a little imagination decorating your garden can be done with ease and little expense.

Garden Fountains are popular, as well as the garden pond. It’s well known that the sound of falling water is soothing to the soul and give a sense of peace and serenity. A garden fountain is easy to install and comes in a variety of styles to fit into your garden theme. It can be enhanced by surrounding it with a small pond with flowers planted around the edges.

Garden furniture should be restful and relaxing. Adding garden furniture can create a peaceful place for entertaining of chatting with friends. An umbrella covered patio table is wonderful for having your morning coffee or enjoying a meal outside. Your furniture should fit in with the theme of your garden and design of your home.

If you feel that you don’t have a green thumb, the Garden Site offers helpful hints on creating a rock garden. The best choices for rock gardens are dense sandstone, sturdy limestone or any lightweight stone. Irregular shaped rocks are recommended to give your garden a unique appearance. You can add some easily cared for plants or flowers. Look for those that prefer well-drained soil and little water.